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Another satisfied patient!

We love what we do, but getting notes like these make our jobs even sweeter!

Dr. Perella, Holly, Kelly, and Krys - I wanted to let you know how great my 2 visits to your office have been. I like the "homey" touches like the ceiling tiles and the music. You have all made me feel very welcome and I can see the excellent care you give everyone. Thank you all for being so kind and caring. Most sincerely, Richard

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Fancy "Running" Into YOU here!

Lisa, Krys and Denise

Our front desk manager, Krys, is an avid tri-athlete. On any given weekend, you can find her at one of our local (or even far away) marathons, half marathons, or triathilons. 

When she started working for us, she quickly joined the local "tri" groups in the community and met one of our patients, Lisa. They quickly became friends outside the office and often train together.

At this past weekend's Turtle Man Race in Jupiter, Krys and Lisa ran into yet another one of our patients, Denise! 

We are so proud of this dynamic threesome! Way to go, ladies!


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We love getting letters like these!

Thank you SO MUCH for treating me with dignity and respect. I have always been very self conscious about my teeth and my smile and right now I feel like I have found a dental home with Dr Perella and his wonderful staff.  Everyone has made me feel welcome and that my prayers have been answered.  

As I sat down in the chair I could feel myself getting anxious about opening my mouth to show the condition of my teeth.  As I started to describe my ...

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It's National Tooth Fairy Day!

Ever wonder where the story of the Tooth Fairy came from? 

Turns out it originated from a play written by Esther Watkins Arnold in 1927. They play was called The Tooth Fairy and was performed in schools. At the same time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "proved" his claim that fairies and gnomes were real by "verifying" pictures of two little girls surrounded by fairies. How he verified this is unknown, however, the children of the world were convinced and soon were leaving their teeth under pillows for the hopes of a coin or two.

During WWII, Bob Balfe, who was a columnist for the Palm Beach Post, wrote about how the Tooth ...

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