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October is National Dental Hygiene Month

The American Dental Hygienists' Association and the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company have teamed up for the 6th year in a row to increase awareness about the importance of maintaining good oral health.

This year's theme is "Do the Daily 4" which centers around the four components of good oral health maintenance: brushing teeth twice daily, flossing every day, rinsing with antimicrobial mouth rinse, and chewing sugar-free gum. 

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Put Down that Mountain Dew!

There are at least 6 teaspoons of sugar in sodas and juices

Don't let that new Coca Cola campaign that has your name on the bottle fool you. Soft drinks are the highest contributing factor for tooth erosion, when the hard protective coating called enamel is worn away by continued exposure to acid. Saliva is designed to cancel out the acid, and slowly restore the natural balance within the mouth. However, if the mouth is not given ample time to repair itself, the enamel gets worn away.

When enamel is worn away, it can leave the dentine area of the tooth exposed. When this happens, pain associated with hot and cold food/drinks will occur. 

A recent study by the Journal of Public Health Dentistry examined 3,773 ...

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Study finds rinsing with mouthwash is a key step to keeping a healthy mouth

A recent study from Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide concluded that the use of a germ-killing mouthwash, along with brushing and flossing, effectively removes plaque and reduces gingivitis far more than brushing alone.

The study involved more that 130 people with mild to moderate plaque who were separated into two groups: one group brushed and used a germ-killing mouthwash twice a day and the other brushed and used a placebo mouthwash. The results were those using the germ-killing mouthwash reduced plaque by more than 26%, and 100% reduction in gingivitis. 

The study proved that ...

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In honor of baby Perella #2, we thought we'd share how important it is to take good care of your teeth if you are pregnant.

While most pregnant women recognize how important their own overall health is for their baby's health, many may ignore a critical component--their oral health. In fact, a survey of American children's oral health conducted on behalf of Delta Dental found that nearly 4 out of 10 American mothers neglect to visit a dentist during pregnancy, which is significant to helping prevent harmful oral and overall health problems for themselves and their babies.

"Expectant mothers and women who are planning to become pregnant ...

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Six Tips for Mouth & Body Health

Research shows that a healthy mouth and healthy body go hand in hand. We benefit because this double-barrel effort can improve overall health--reducing the risk of serious disease and perhaps even preserving memory in later years. The phrase "healthy mouth, healthy you" really is true--and backed by growing scientific evidence.

The Magic Six:

1) It's never too early to start teaching your children to take care of teeth and gums. Healthy habits learned in childhood can pay off in adulthood. And, if you're tempted to shrug off brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly, remember, you are a role model for your kids.

2) Decayed teeth and gum disease are often ...

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Pass the cheese, please!

Consuming dairy products is vital to maintaining good overall health, and it's especially important to bone health. But there has been little research about how dairy products affect oral health in particular. However, according to a study published in the May/June 2013 issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), consuming cheese and other dairy products may help protect teeth against cavities.

The study sampled 68 subjects ranging in age from 12 to 15, and the authors looked at the dental plaque pH in the subjects' mouths before and after they consumed cheese, milk, or sugar-free yogurt. A pH level lower than 5.5 puts a ...

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It's the time of year that kids dread and parents rejoice...back to school!!!!

There are just a couple more weeks until the new school year starts. Visiting the dentist while your kids are still on summer break makes good sense. There might be an issue the dentist needs to address, which will be much easier to do while they are still out, before the hectic school year schedules start.

But when you send them off in their new clothes and new shoes, make sure you're sending them off armed with good oral hygiene habits as well. Here are 5 Back to School Tips:

1. You should have been brushing your child's teeth as ...

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