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What do you do when you need teeth---immediately? Even fame and fortune can't prevent the loss of your natural teeth when neglect and lack of care finally catch up to you. Suddenly, when you are faced with imminent loss of your teeth and there are no more places to run and hide, you must seek help and care. This is William "The Refrigerator" Perry's story.

Facing the facts
"The Fridge" became a beloved football superstar after scoring one of the winning touchdowns for the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX in 1985. Perry's famous gap-toothed smile captured the nation in the Bears' now famous "Superbowl Shuffle," and while his famous smile made him endearing, he actually did not like it.

After many years of neglect and ambivalence toward his health, Perry was forced to do something about his teeth. "I had been in constant pain for many years and I neglected myself for not having dental care for over 20 years, not even emergency care. Unfortunately, as I grew older, my teeth started to get loose. The pain that I was experiencing was becoming more intense and I was in pain more often. Not only that, I was embarrased by the condition of my teeth. I knew I had to do something, but didn't know where to turn.

A Team Effort
Dr. Vesna Sutter was Perry's first stop. Her office provides 'celebrity makeovers' to those in need and they recognized Perry's need. His make over was particularly challenging because of his fear of going to the dentist and because he needed such extensive work.  He had already lost many of his teeth and was most notably missing his upper front teeth, which gave him his trademark 'gap.' Additionally, Perry had developed end-stage periodontal disease and many of his remaining teeth were loose. A team approach was clearly necessary.

Limited Options
Treatment was limited. Full dentures or numerous dental implants with fixed bridges were his only real choices. It was decided to go with the implants as they stabilize the jawbone and keep it from "resorbtion" or melting away without teeth. Additionally, implants provide a lifetime of functional permanent and aesthetic teeth.

Dr. Sutter sent Perry to Dr. Marty Kolinski, a periodontist, who gave him a comprehensive exam of his head, neck and jaws and an oral cancer screening, revealing normal levels. Because of his advanced periodontal disease, it was not possible to save his natural teeth. Luckily, Perry had sufficient bone left in both jaws to support dental implants. The plan was to place eight implants in the upper jaw and seven implants in the lower jaw. Perry's case was sent to the Jade Dental Laboratory.

A Winning Smile
Four months after the implants were initially placed and the bone had healed and fused to the implants, the final result is this:

As you can see, the team efforts of Drs. Sutter and Kolinski, and Jade Dental Lab, made it possible for "The Fridge" to score a dental TOUCHDOWN!

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