Dr. Paul Perella, DMD

Dr. Perella- Dentist and Hero

We wanted to share this with you because it is simply an amazing story.

A relaxing beach vacation with his family turned into one of the most incredible days of Dr. Perella's life! While walking out of the house to watch the sunset, he heard screams and calls for help. Running toward the house where the screams were coming from, he saw a man in distress and his wife screaming for help.

After yelling to Holly to call 911, he ran back to the house. The man was having a full-blown seizure and was struggling to breathe. Dr. Perella put the man on his side, and after a few minutes, the man completely stopped breathing and turned blue! Immediately, Dr. Perella performed CPR on the man. After a few minutes, the man regained consciousness, and began to breathe on his own again, just in time for the paramedics to arrive and take him to the hospital.

The next day, the wife found Dr. Perella and his family on the beach and was SO very thankful to him for his help. The doctors said if he hadn't been there to perform CPR, this man would not have made it. She told Sydney that her daddy was a hero.

We are all so very proud of our Dr. Perella. And we can't stress enough, if you hear someone calling for help, GO to them, even if you don't know what's happening. You could save a life!

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