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A Patient Writes Us A Letter!

It's not often a dentist recieves a letter of thanks so we were thilled and touched to receive a letter of thanks from P.D. in Loxahatchee. 

Dr. Perella,

I just wanted to send you a letter to tell you that I was really happy that I came to you to have a procedure done. You came highly recommended by a co-worker and I was looking to have my teeth cleaned and whitened. I was having some pain as well, and when he told me about your Free Teeth Whitening for Life, that was enough to make me say I'll give him a try. So, I made an appointment to see you and you cleaned my teeth and told me about the extractions I needed. I was told by another dentist a few years ago that I may have to have at least one of my wisdom teeth removed and was starting to have some gum receding and knew about the possibility of bone loss, so it was not a total surprise when you told me I had to have two of my wisdom teeth and one molar extracted due to some bone loss and the pain it was causing me. I was really nervous about the whole procedure. I stayed awake most of the night when I thought about having to set an appointment. I was in a bit of pain and knew I had to have it done, but was getting ready to leave for a cruise within three days and didn't want to do it right then. So you gave me an antibiotic to get me through the infection I had in my gums. When I got back, I was putting it off because my second grandbaby was about to be born and I knew I would have to help out and didn't want to be in pain at that time either. So, I took over the counter pain medication and gargled and whatever else I could when the pain flared up.

When time came to set up the appointment, I was still quite nervous and you said that you could give me a prescription for a couple of valium to help relax me prior to the procedure and I readily agreed. I set up the appointment, picked up my prescription and took one the night before and one an hour before the procedure. I had my friend there to drive me home since I was on the medication. I said a prayer, closed my eyes and kept them closed. The procedure started and you talked me through the whole thing. You told me when I would feel a little pinch with the novocain, when I would feel a bit of pressure from the extractions, and a bit of noise in my ears from the roots. You said if I feel anything other than pressure to let you know. After the first two came out and I said, "Two already!", and then you started to work on the third and that one felt a bit more than pressure, not pain yet, but more than pressure. So you stopped and gave me a little more novacain and then removed the third one, told me you had to put in some sutures and then you were done!!! Well! 

I can't tell you enough how I was really worried for nothing!!! You did such an AWESOME JOB and I had nothing to fear. If I had known what to really expect I would have had it done prior to the cruise and not waited so long to have it done. After the novacain wore off I had the prescription for the pain medication you prescribed and really only had to take it for the remainder of the that night and the following day and stopped taking it to see how much pain I would be in and was surprised to see that I didn't even need anymore.

I know this letter is going on and on, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your patience, calm demeanor and your experience. Your office staff was also wonderful. I would highly recommend you as well and feel very comfortable coming to you for any other procedures I may have to have in the future.

Thank you for a job well done!!


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