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Patient Spotlight: Wendy Derhak and The Pet Cottage

When a pet owner becomes incapacitated, who takes care of their pets? Family members may or may not want to take on the responsibility of owning a pet they never had the intention of owning. That's where The Pet Cottage comes in.

The Pet Cottage is a non-profit sanctuary that provides guardianship for pets that have lost their human companions due to death, disability or military service. It was started by Wendy Derhak after she lost her dear friend, Joan, in 2012. Joan was an animal lover, and when she fell ill, Wendy took care of her three cats. Joan, who often helped her neighbors with their pets and donated to animal welfare charities, was Wendy's inspiration to open The Pet Cottage. 

The Pet Cottage is unique because it is an advocate for pets, first and foremost. They encourage pet owners to create a responsible plan for their pets well being should something happen to the owner. They act as an advocate for a pet's well being as it transitions from it's loving companion to a second loving home. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Betty, a beautiful mix puppy who was being trained. She did well laying on her mat on command and showed us what a great dental patient she was while Wendy got her check up!

Currently, the Pet Cottage is currently looking for a home for Cocoa. Her owner Caroline is in hospice care and can no longer care for her. She is good with small dogs but has no experience with cats. To learn more about Cocoa, click here. http://thepetcottage.org/adoption/cocoa/.

If you'd like to learn more about the Pet Cottage please visit their website at www.the petcottabe.org. You may also call them at 561-818-5025 or email at thepetcottage@hotmail.com


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