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It's the most, wonderful time of the year! No, I'm not talking about Christmas...I'm talking about Awards Season!!! The Golden Globes, The Director's Guild Awards, SAG Awards, and the Oscars are the only events that can make me look forward to a Sunday evening. I love watching the pre-show interviews, taking in all the beautiful dresses and shoes and jewelry, and taking a sip of wine every time Giuliana Rancic tells someone they look "amazing." Then onto the the actual show itself, with its awkard celebrity pairings and predictable winners (Anne Hathaway, AGAIN??!?!?)

Celebrities take extra measures to look fabulous, and their smiles are one of the most important features, which is why cosmetic dentistry is one of the their top procedures (next to plastic surgery!)

But who has the best and worst teeth? The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry weighs in on the winners and losers.

Best Smiles:
Natalie Portman

James Franco
Nicole Kidman
Annette Benning
Colin Firth
Christian Bale

Most Kissable Mouth:
Angelina Jolie

Followed by Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, and Julia Roberts

Most Kissable Man:
Jake Gyllenhaal

Followed by Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Denzel Washington.

Beyond Oscar celebrities, AACD dentists weighed in on which high profile celebrity, sports figures and politicians would they love to get in the chair.

The Men:
Tom Cruise tops the list with the most cosmetic dentists saying they would love to see a total cosmetic re-do using the orthodontia and veneers.

Retired NY Giants defensive end and Live! With Kelly and Michael co-host Michael Strahan came in second with his noticeable front tooth gap, technically called a "diastema."

Former President Geroge W. Bush took third place with his need for a complete cosmetic re-work including whitening, splint therapy (bite correction), bonding and veneers.

The Women:
Two famous females tied for first place: Hillary Clinton and Katie Couric could both use specific cosmetic work. Hillary could benefit from crowns and veneers while Katie could use a "smile lift" which involves a gum lift and lengthening of her front teeth.

Honorable mentions included Miley Cyrus and author Caroline Kennedy with crown lengthening, former U.S. Secretary Condoleeza Rice and actress Jennifer Garner are reccomened for veneers and singer Jewel is recommened for orthodontics and whitening.

A celebrity's smile is what makes them unique. And for a few brief, glorious Sunday evenings, I am a part of their world. But if they would like to get some work done, we will gladly put out the red carpet for them!

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