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Losing a tooth is a difficult thing to deal with. No one wants to be faced with the need to replace a tooth. Losing our permanent teeth can be a serious blow to our self-confidence.

But, thanks to advanced dental care technology, there are at least three guaranteed options that can help solve the problem. Not all of them work the same way, however, so you need to choose the procedure that's most appropriate for you and your particular needs.

Full Set Replacement

If you require a full set replacement, the most appropriate tooth replacement technique is the full denture. Dentures can be used even without support from other teeth, so you can use it in situations where the entire set has to be replaced. This is often necessary in older people whose majority of teeth have weakened.
Dentures are not as popular these days as they used to be in the past. Dentists today have learned to prioritize the saving of teeth above anything else, so full set replacements are not as widespread anymore today.

Single Tooth Replacement

If only a single tooth is to be replaced, the best option may be a dental bridge. A dental bridge is made for single tooth replacement: an artificial tooth is created and it is supported on two sides by what are called abutment teeth which are crowns that are placed over the two existing teeth on the sides of the lost tooth.
Several Separate Single Teeth

If you want a natural-looking and natural-feeling artificial tooth, one that can stand on its own without any support from the rest of the set, your best bet is the dental implant. This is the best option for when you need to replace several teeth but they are positioned in separate singles.

A titanium post will be implanted into your bone and gums so that it can support an artificial tooth or crown.  This stands alone and does not affect any of the surrounding teeth. 

Dental implants have long life spans and give you an added confidence since you know they won't move or slip unlike the bridges and the dentures. Of the three existing options, this is the most highly recommended by dentists. Complications are minimal and can be easily fixed, and the procedure has a pretty high success rate.

Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Before you get a teeth replacement procedure done, there are some things you need to ask your dentist. First, find out what procedure your dentist recommends as the most appropriate for your situation. Second, find out exactly how the procedure will be done.

It is not advised that you leave the space empty. The adjacent teeth can move and create gaps in between your other teeth. This can destabilize the structure of your teeth and mouth. It is highly reccommened you consider a tooth replacement treatment.

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