Dr. Paul Perella, DMD

A Letter from a Patient

We were thrilled to receive this letter earlier this month. 

Dear Dr. Perella and staff at North Palm Beach Dentistry:

I wanted to take the time to write this letter to personally thank you for helping my client, Georgina, overcome her fear of the dentist. Her experience with her previous dentist was horrible. I'd like to share her story with you so you can really understand just how much she had to endure before coming to see you.

Georgina grew up most of her life in foster care, and after turning 18, the State continued to support her with health benefits through Medicaid. There is too much to discuss here about Medicaid, but what you should know is that options are limited--especially when you're looking for a dentist.

She went to a Medicaid-approved dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed. During this procedure, a neighboring molar near her wisdom tooth got chipped, causing the need for a crown (yet another dental procedure). The dentist removed three of her four wisdom teeth, and Georgina made an appointment with the same dentist to have the fourth and final wisdom tooth removed.

During this next appointment, the dentist left a broken portion of the drill bit in her gums! As a result, the area became infected, causing her even more pain. With the help of Vita Nova, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps older foster youth, we found you!

I called and left a voicemail at your office on a Friday, unaware that the office was closed. However, not only did Dr. Perella return my phone call that day, he called me back despite the fact that he was in Disney World with his family!

I explained Georgina's situation and, based on the nightmare Georgina has gone through, he agreed to treat her at no charge. While this was relief to hear, Georgina was still reluctant to trust another dentist. However, she agreed to the appointment because her pain out measured her fear. 

After a few short minutes into her appointment with Dr. Perella, the problem was diagnosed, the drill bit piece removed and the road to recovery began. Follow up appointments were required, and again, North Palm Beach Dentistry graciously provided them for free. All along the way, Dr. Perella and his staff were explaining, caring and nurturing to Georgina to recovery.

Today, just a few weeks since first seeing Dr. Perella, Georgina is smiling again, and feeling better every day. We wish to thank Dr. Perella, his wife Holly, and the professionals at your practice for helping a young person regain hope after having such a bad experience.

Most importantly, we'd like to thank Dr. Perella for single handedly dispelling the myth that we should fear the dentist. As Georgina's experience has proven, we we are in the right hands, then the right things happen.


Jeff DeMario
CEO, Vita Nova, Inc.
About Vita Nova, Inc.: Vita Nova Inc., helps young adults transition to independence by providing a stable, nurturing environment that includes housing, counseling and education. For more information, please call 561-689-0035 or visit www.vitanova.org.



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