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The man who bought John Lennon's molar two years ago--Canadian dentist Michael Zuk--is seeking headlines again, putting out a press release and launching a website indicating his intention to extract DNA from the tooth with the lofty goal of cloning the legendary musician.

At the time of the tooth's sale, Rolling Stone magazine reported Lennon's molar was too fragile to be DNA tested to confirm it belonged to Lennon. However, Zuk now contends he has hopes to "fully sequence" Lennon's DNA. "With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality," he said in a statement. "To potentially say I had a small part in bringing back one of rock's greatest stars would be mind blowing."

In the mid 1960s, John Lennon gave one of his extracted molars to his housekeeper for disposal. Lennon then suggested she pass the tooth to her daughter, who was a big Beatles fan. The artifact stayed in the family until November 2011, when it sold at auction for more than $30,000.

In August 2012, Zuk permitted his sister to use a fragment of the tooth in a work of art. (She placed a bit of the tooth in a clay sculpture of Lennon's likeness.) It also toured the U.K. to promote awareness of the dangers of mouth cancer.

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