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How To Handle Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are no fun. They can be scary and painful. You should always call your dentist immediately if you have an emergency. We always try to see our emergency patients on the same day. However, if you have to wait, here are some steps to handle the emergency until you can get in to see the dentist.

Pain and Sensitivity

This can be caused by an abcess or exposed nerve from a lost filling or crown.

What to Do?

Rinse your mouth out with warm salt water to reduce the swelling. See your dentist immediately before infection spreads or worsens. If there is an abcess, you will need a root canal. If the damage is severe, the ...

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When Over the Counter Treatments Might Not Be Enough

Humans are creatures of habit. And many times, we will continue to use the same products as long as they keep working for us. However, as we get older, our old standbys might not be as effective as they once were and something stronger or better might be needed.

Here are some instances where a stronger, perhaps prescription strength product, might be a better choice.

Sensitive Teeth and Gums:  
If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity due to a receding gum line, you might benefit from prescription flouride toothpaste. These toothpastes have higher levels of flouride and can help lessen sensitivity and protect exposed tooth structure that is no longer protected by ...

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Get Out of My Dreams...Get Into My Car


If you live in the North Palm Beach area, there is a good chance you have seen this incredible limo driving around town. It belongs to a patient of ours and when he came in for his check up, the staff couldn't resist hopping in for a photo.

The patient, Edward Boes, also known as Dr. Clock, is the owner of Anytime Clock Repair of Lake Park. If you are ever in need of clock repair, call the Dr!!!



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It's hard to believe, but antibiotics destroyed Charlize Theron's baby teeth. "I had no teeth until I was 11," she says. Wow. Great smile now. How'd that happen? (Hint: Great dental care and flossing.)

For most folks, though, it goes the other way: As you get older you tend to neglect your teeth (one-third to one-half of adults in North America don't make their yearly dental check up, and only 36% of women and 14% of men floss even four times a week), which is a big reason why 75% of adults have some form of gum disease.

Gum disease increases the risk for kidney cancer by 49%, pancreatic cancer by 54% ...

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Dr. Perella- Dentist and Hero

We wanted to share this with you because it is simply an amazing story.

A relaxing beach vacation with his family turned into one of the most incredible days of Dr. Perella's life! While walking out of the house to watch the sunset, he heard screams and calls for help. Running toward the house where the screams were coming from, he saw a man in distress and his wife screaming for help.

After yelling to Holly to call 911, he ran back to the house. The man was having a full-blown seizure and was struggling to breathe. Dr. Perella put the man on his side, and after a few minutes, the man ...

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Good Thing My Daddy is A Dentist!


When our Sydney complained of her front tooth hurting, we put her in the chair and took some xrays. Luckily, we've been reading books about going to the dentist and she was more than happy to let Daddy give her a check up.

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