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A Very Thoughtful Thank You Note

We received a very thoughtful thank you card from a new patient, who also happens to be Dr. Perella's neighbor!

"Dear Paul & Holly: 

I am so grateful for having you take over my dental care. My teeth are feeling great! I posted a 5-star Google review for you and look forward to sending you many more patients."-Most Sincerely, Richard

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Another satisfied patient!

We love what we do, but getting notes like these make our jobs even sweeter!

Dr. Perella, Holly, Kelly, and Krys - I wanted to let you know how great my 2 visits to your office have been. I like the "homey" touches like the ceiling tiles and the music. You have all made me feel very welcome and I can see the excellent care you give everyone. Thank you all for being so kind and caring. Most sincerely, Richard

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Patient Spotlight: Wendy Derhak and The Pet Cottage

When a pet owner becomes incapacitated, who takes care of their pets? Family members may or may not want to take on the responsibility of owning a pet they never had the intention of owning. That's where The Pet Cottage comes in.

The Pet Cottage is a non-profit sanctuary that provides guardianship for pets that have lost their human companions due to death, disability or military service. It was started by Wendy Derhak after she lost her dear friend, Joan, in 2012. Joan was an animal lover, and when she fell ill, Wendy took care of her three cats. Joan, who often helped her neighbors with their pets and ...

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Rotary Honors Students of the Month

We were the proud sponsor for this month's Rotary Club of North Palm Beach's Student of the Month luncheon, held at the Palm Beach Gardens Double Tree hotel. These students are from local elementary schools and were chosen by their principals to receive this special honor.

In addition to being exemplary students, they are also involved in their communities, churches and local sports teams. It was incredible to hear these students' accomplishments and future aspirations. 

We were honored and proud to be part of this special recognition.


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Fancy "Running" Into YOU here!

Lisa, Krys and Denise

Our front desk manager, Krys, is an avid tri-athlete. On any given weekend, you can find her at one of our local (or even far away) marathons, half marathons, or triathilons. 

When she started working for us, she quickly joined the local "tri" groups in the community and met one of our patients, Lisa. They quickly became friends outside the office and often train together.

At this past weekend's Turtle Man Race in Jupiter, Krys and Lisa ran into yet another one of our patients, Denise! 

We are so proud of this dynamic threesome! Way to go, ladies!


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